Head Pain can occur anywhere in the region of the head or neck, and can take many forms. Headaches can occur on one or both sides of the head, or on the front or back. Types of headaches include sharp pains, burning sensations, throbbing or a steady, dull ache.

There are more than 300 types of headaches, according the Harvard Medical School, but only about 10 percent have a known cause. The known causes of headaches include dehydration, fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, the effects of medications, the effects of recreational drugs, viral infections, loud noises, common colds, head injury, rapid ingestion of very cold food or beverage, and dental or sinus issues.

A headache is one of the most commonly experienced of all physical discomforts. About half of all adults experience a headache each year. Tension headaches are the most common headaches, affecting about 1.6 billion people (21.8 percent of the population), followed by migraine headaches which affect about 848 million (11.7 percent).

Treatment of a headache depends on the underlying cause. Pain medication usually is prescribed for less severe instances. Medical help should be sought if headaches are accompanied by fever, a stiff neck, weakness, vomiting, changes in vision or changes in behavior, all of which could indicate a severe infection.

Treatment Options for Head Pain

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