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Pain managment

Whole Body Pain

Acute or chronic whole body pain, sometimes referred to as whole body aches, may be caused by various medical conditions, including nerve damage, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other often serious underlying conditions. The pain can be dull, aching, or even sharp.

Treatments For Whole Body Pain

Whole body pain significantly decreases your ability to live and enjoy your life. If you’re experiencing whole body pain, you should speak with a doctor to identify what’s causing your pain. There are many safe and effective options to treat whole body pain.

We Know Whole Body Pain

Whole body aches are sometimes caused by overuse or even stress. But, they are also often caused by a more serious underlying medical condition. You should consult a physician who understands pain to identify the true cause of your whole body pain.

The physicians at Centurion Spine & Pain Centers are highly trained in diagnosing and treating all types of pain. Our medical staff team are experts in cutting-edge pain management treatments. We are proud to offer more treatment options than any other provider in Coastal Georgia.

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